Saturday, August 11, 2012

7. What is the used procedure of export from Bangladesh & import to Bangladesh? Also document required for this purpose?

Answer:  Export Procedures:
                           i.          A trade license has to be obtained.
                         ii.          Entrepreneur should register his firm in the Office of the Chief Controller of Import and Export (CCI&E).
                       iii.          The CCI&E issues export Registration Certificates (ERC) to the exporters. Take Export Permit from CCI&E.
                       iv.          Company or producer has to affiliate with a chamber of Commerce or a registered sector association.
                        v.          An export number per shipment is to be obtained from the Bangladesh Export Promotion Bureau (EPB).
Document Required for Export:
                          i.          Bill of landing
                        ii.          Certificate of origin
                      iii.          Commercial invoice
                      iv.          Customs export declaration with export number
                        v.          Packing list
                      vi.          Pre-shipment inspections clean report of findings

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